Searching for Sick Division

When I think of Hot4s & Performance Cars magazine, I think of Tempe Tyres, Team Jetspeed, and Sick Division.

At the time when the X3 Hyundai Excel was really exploding in popularity as an accesible new car purchase, it never was a platform for the aspirational sex-spec modder until Sick Division came along.

Trying to look back at examples of the bodykit maker’s machines have proven difficult. The two hero cars I remember from the Hot4s shoots and ads were yellow and lime green, sporting MOMO wheels. You get glimmers of their kits on old kit seller’s websites, or this looming car show video from 2001.

They copped a bit of flak for basing their work on such a make and model, but I wish I could read up more about the founders and stories from their time in business.